Princess 236060 Moments Waterkoker Wi-Fi


Moeite met timemanagement in de ochtend? Stop met stressen en plan je kopje thee de avond ervoor. Met de Princess 236060 Moments Jug Waterkoker koppel je je smartphone en maak je gebruik van alle slimme features. Bovendien maakt de luxe RVS matzwarte behuizing het een

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Struggling with time management in the morning? Stop stressing and schedule your cup of tea the night before. The Princess 236060 Moments Jug Kettle allows you to link your smartphone and make use of all the smart features. On top of that, the luxurious stainless steel matt black housing makes it a perfect fit in every modern kitchen! Enjoy a perfectly timed breakfast to start your day fresh and perform to the best of your abilities.

HomeWizard Kitchen app
You can link your jug kettle to the iOS or Android HomeWizard Kitchen app to control it anywhere you want. Had a busy day at work? Schedule the jug kettle to boil water while you are doing groceries or driving home from work. The Moments Jug Kettle has an adjustable thermostat which allows you to set the temperature just the way you prefer.

Luxurious design and smart features
The Princess Moments Jug Kettle has a luxurious appearance thanks to the matt black housing and LED display. The display shows the exact water temperature, keep warm functionality and WiFi connectivity. You can set the settings manually on the jug kettle, or use the HomeWizard Kitchen app on your smartphone. The device also has a keep warm function, so even though you set it at a particular time, but you are not available at that moment, you can start the keep warm function and do not have to start the boiling process again. The water stays warm for about 40 minutes!

Quick boiling process and safe use
Boil water within 1 minute thanks to the high power of 2200 Watt. Now, a cup of tea is never far away. The jug kettle is designed with a safety precaution. If by accident you haven’t filled the jug kettle with enough water, the device automatically shuts off. This way you never have to be afraid damage will be done to the device or your kitchen.

Moments Breakfast Set
No more rushing around in the morning! Who wouldn’t want that? The Moments Breakfast Set by Princess consists of products with a luxurious matte black design that fit perfectly into a modern kitchen. Preparing breakfast is a cinch: by using your smartphone or voice control, you can easily set the time when the water needs to be boiled or your cup of coffee needs to be ready. Ensure there’s always a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you as soon as you step into the kitchen, and all you have to do is toast a delicious sandwich. Use the free HomeWizard Kitchen app to set schedules or get notifications when you need to descale or clean your appliances!

What’s in the box:
Princess Moments Jug Kettle, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Moments Jug Kettle:

Easy to control via the HomeWizard Kitchen app on your smartphone or manually on the LED display
Luxurious design to fit in every modern kitchen
Smart features like adjustable thermostat, keep warm function and time schedule
High power of 2200 Watt for quick boiling process
Complete your Moments Breakfast with the Toaster (142360) and Wi-Fi connected Moments Coffee Maker (246060)

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